My child is atopy and I always care about skin care. I tried various things such as body soap.

Skin care that can improve dullness with peeling soap
Skin care that can improve dullness with peeling soap

About child's skin care and body soap

I am currently 29 years old and have a 3 year old child and a 7 month old child.
It seems my wife was atopy when I was little, and two children have atopic symptoms.
Although I regularly go to the dermatology department, I am prescribing paints etc., but I am always paying attention to skin care from around the day.
What my atopy symptom is most affected is body soap used when bathing.
We use baby exclusive body soap sold on the market until 1 year old, and children over the age have used body soap which can be used even by children sold on the market .
Soon, red atopy symptoms appeared severely in joints behind the feet, belly, elbow joints, etc., itchy and scratched off and worsened.
Soon I searched for a different body soap and tried it.
I did not have something that was quite fitting and I needed perseverance.
I bought things exclusive to atopy now, but the symptoms still do not get better, have people search for people who have similar problems on the Internet and for some Did.
As a result, it is now decided as one body soap, and the symptoms are stable.

In addition, I put medicinal medicine in the bathtub and I use skincare supplies for bathing up.
I paint cream to avoid drying, and apply moisturizing ingredients to each joint.
The lower child is not as badly symptomatic as the upper child, but we are taking measures from now.
We will continue to consider and purchase body soap and skin care products according to the growth of children.

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